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Una was born and raised in Dublin's Fair City. 

She took to the boards at a young age, drawn to the magic, and because the theater was one of the few places you could hear a pin drop. 

At age 7 she got her first burns from heating face-paint over a candle at Dublin's Olympia Theater. It was a paid gig as a Dove and she never looked back - going on to embody other animals, flowers, trees and a whole range of humans. 

Una has especially enjoyed playing a lovelorn frog, a witch of Hecate, an unstoppable tailor, a raging Goddess, an aging puppeteer, Juliet's nurse, a heart-broken mother and an outcast Queen. She wants to play Mother Courage one day and pull that cart with gusto. 

Shakespeare, the Greeks, Chekhov, Ibsen, O'Casey and Tom Murphy make her soul sing. 

She has collaborated on play-writing, poetry-making, storytelling and ballad-singing with her wonderful husband, Tim, and many great creative partners. These have taken her all over New York, to Italy, back to Ireland, and many times to the Edinburgh Fringe.

New York venues include The Irish Rep, 59E59, Bryant Park, and The Tank.

Una also taught 7th grade Social Studies for 14 years, so she knows more than the average bear about thinking on your feet and improvisation. 


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