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"Una Clancy gives a stunning performance at once serious and hilarious."   

                                                           Arts International - Bina Sharif : Tim McGillicuddy's "Herself  "                                                                  

"Una Clancy is terrific – clip and obtusely snarky. She even moves the way she sounds."   

                                                                  Woman Around Town  : "Herself - Excellent Theater . "                          


"Mary's early talk of ghosts sets the stage...a splendid Una Clancy"       

                                                          Thinking Theater NYC : Priests, Paternity and Pub Preoccupy 'Herself"

"Clancy embodies a fascinating force, with her husky voice, smiling face that seems to be about to joke, and elegant, delicate expressions of hurt, pain or anger. She carries the play perfectly.”

                                                                  New York Irish Arts Lady Gregory (‘Lady G’) shines at Irish Rep

“As embodied by Clancy, Lady Gregory comes across as a warm and wry figure with a sharp wit and reserves of passion and curiosity.”

                                                                 TheaterMania Introducing Lady Augusta Gregory to a New Generation in Lady G


“Úna Clancy has the most difficult part, narrating her own life, and anchors the show with an iron fist wrapped in a velvet glove.”

                                                              One Magazine del Rosso Review  Lady G: Plays and Whisperings of Lady Gregory  


“Ciaran O’Reilly blessed to have Úna Clancy portraying Gregory, with colleagues portraying a host of real-life people. The four actors are terrific and throw themselves into the biographical narrative with guts and gusto.”

                                                              Talkin’ Broadway Lady G: Plays and Whisperings of Lady Gregory


"As in O'Casey's two previous plays, it's the women who most fully reflect the Irish soul; Úna Clancy, Clare O'Malley, and Maryann Plunkett lead an outstanding cast of fourteen."

                                                             The New Yorker The Plough and the Stars


"Perhaps one of the finest roles in the play is that of a woman who loses her son to the revolutionary movement.  Hers carries an aching monologue, here performed, unsentimentalized, out of earth and sorrow, by Una Clancy."

                                                              Stage Voices Sean O’Casey’s Juno and the Paycock


"Una Clancy portrayed Mary so persuasively that she had me mistaking the performer for the character she was playing."

                            New York Theater The Jester and the Dragon Review: Weird Finger Puppet Show That Turns Surprising

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